AtCoder Beginner Contest 064


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Colorful Leaderboard Vineet Shah Other than the above, a person whose rating is 3200 or higher can freely pick his/her color, which can be one of the eight colors above or not.

What does "or not" mean here? Does it mean that he can choose none of the colors?
Each user with rating 3200 or higher must pick his/her color, but it does not have to be one of the eight colors listed above. Yes
Insertion horcrux2301 How do you define the lexicographically smallest string in Problem D? It depends on ASCII code, so '(' is smaller than ')'. If you don't know about "lexicographically order", google it.
Colorful Leaderboard climpet 「レートが 3200 以上になると色を自由に変えることができます」とありますが、このとき灰・茶・緑・水・青・黄・橙・赤以外の色に変更することは可能ですか はい Yes
Colorful Leaderboard yuki2006 色の種類は問題文に書かれているもの以外の色にも変更できますか? はい。 Yes